Marcus Railton is a 38 year old ‘New Dad’. He is the proud father to Noah Rafferty Railton, born on Saturday 28th March 2009 at 10 past eight in the evening. The 19 hour labour that his partner Becky went through has given him a renewed insight and admiration for women everywhere.

This ‘New Dad’ Blog is his latest attempt at trying to make sense of the whole thing. Other attempts have included setting up camp in his local, The Red Lion and looking at ridiculously expensive cars on the Auto Trader website.

As he flaps like a headless chicken and complains about lack of sleep Becky pragmatically gets on with the job at hand.

Terrified Dad has been nominated for a MAD Blog award, featured in Prima Baby magazine and on national Radio Scotland. The BBC have even mistaken Marcus for someone who actually knows about fatherhood and invited him to reveal his madness on a serious current affairs programme.



3 Responses to “Meet Terrified Dad…”

  1. Tom said

    Hey there Marcus. Stumbled upon your site today. I must say it’s quite nice. Thanks for saying what so many fathers find it difficult to.

    I to am a new father of two wonderful boys. Enzo and Gino. And figuring this out as I go. You’re feed just might help!

    If I may, I also wanted to turn you onto a project I completed during my “Jesus I really need to do something my Wife is Working so hard phase”. 🙂 It’s called I made it for my boys, but hopefully parents will enjoy it everywhere. Here’s a link to my post describing it.

    I hope stay in touch.

    / another new dad trying to make a difference. (Tom)

  2. Tom, Thanks for your feedback.. I will have a look at the site you created now. Speak soon. Marcus

  3. Bill said

    Marcus, boy are you in for a long, bumpy, white knuckle ride. Seriously, I like all this. When I became Mr Dad in 1991 I had no idea, just thought I’d figure it all out and make it up as I go along. I did think there must be other fellow sufferers and (before the Internet) thought of creating a self help group called “Ad Dads”. 18 years later with Cost Centre No1 going through his A levels, things are going OK. So enjoy it all as it doesn’t last long and take as much time as you can be part of it. Given press coverage this week, a new book out on why men don’t become ‘Dads’ overnight, your blog is very timely.

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