Home of the brave….

April 13, 2010

I met a very brave man yesterday, possibly one of the bravest men I have ever met in my life. His name is Matt Brown and he writes the blog Frazzled Daddy.

“Tell us! Tell us! What did he do?” I hear you and the other voices in my head cry. “Did he scale Everest? Has he sailed the Atlantic single handed like Ellen MacArthur? (why is a lovely woman like her not married?) Has he upped and moved his whole family to some far off land of freedom for a new beginning – somewhere like New Zealand, Alaska or Hull?

No. He has done none of these things. His feat of daring was far braver. What Matt Brown has done is post pictures of himself on his blog before having children and after having children! An act so brave even Bear Grylls would shy from it!

In his first picture Matt looks moody and relaxed with not a care in the world – a possible contender for the next James Bond. My partner Becky looked and said, “Oh, he’s a good looking bloke!”

“Alright, alright, love!!” I replied feeling no jealousy at all.

Scroll down and there is Matt after kids. Still handsome but also  reminiscent of that mug shot picture of Robert Downey Junior when he was caught drunk driving and in posession of crack cocaine and an unloaded .357 magnum revolver – the one difference being Matt looks like his magnum may actually be loaded.

So, hats off to Frazzled Daddy Matt Brown… and if you think I am posting a before and after picture of myself I’m afraid you are sorely mistaken. My fear is that you would not be able to tell which was the ‘before’ and which was the ‘after’!

(read Frazzled Daddy here: http://frazzleddaddy.blogspot.com/)

After becoming a father Alec Baldwin's face almost trebled in width!


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