Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Rodders!

April 12, 2010

While enjoying a nice glass of wine with my French friend Frank O’File he announced that his wife was going back to work and that he would be looking after their son full time two days a week.

“A am lookeen forward to eet, Marcoooos,” he said languidly as he sipped from his oversized glass. “Eet weel be nice to ave a break, non?”

And it struck me that this is the opinion of so many fathers I know who see their offspring first thing in the morning when they are sleepy and beautiful and then return in the evening when they are fast asleep. They have no idea that for us full time mothers, er, I mean parents, having children is an up at dawn ball breaking siege on our life… which of course I love and enjoy… most of the time.

“A woz theenking a weel sleep in till about nine, and then maybee take little Jean Luc Picard to the cafe for some coffee. Eee can play and a weel read Le Monde. Thees ees wat the geerls do, non? Thees ees ow you spend your day, non?”

“Mais oui, mais oui, mon ami!” I replied, using all the French I know in the same sentence. “You will love it! It’s a breeze. Some days when I am not just lying on the sofa watching tv I will perhaps go the pub or just take a nap when I feel like it.”

“A fot soo,” he said, relaxing back into the sofa, oblivious that the bomb that was about to drop in his life would make those his countrymen dropped in the South Pacific look like ripples in a pond!


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