You’re only one once….

April 8, 2010

When my son turned one a couple of weeks ago I thought, “to hell with the expense, you’re only one once and this is my firstborn son after all! He shall have lavish gifts showered upon him!”

And so my partner and I pushed the boat out and scoured the mighty Argos catalogue for baubles and trinkets for our boy. “Wow!” Becky gasped at a gray plastic play castle. “Zowee!” I marvelled at a Spider Man tool bench. (Did Spidey do much DIY?)

We settled on a sit on / push along car, a ball swamp (with extra balls) and a swing. Surely the boy would be overwhelmed by this majesty and behave for at least the next twelve years. On the way home we also popped into a card shop and got him a card and a cheap helium filled foil balloon.

The day of his birthday arrived and as a courtesy to us Noah allowed his parents to sleep in till 6am. As Becky put the kettle on I carried him downstairs and presented him with his Aladdin’s Cave of riches.

Would it be the swing that enthralled him, the ball swamp that left him in rapture or the sit on car he was mesmerised by? Er, no. In actual fact it was none of them.

Noah scanned the large gifts and then was immediately hypnotised by the £1.99, cheap as chips foil balloon, which he then continued to play with the whole day while studiously ignoring all the other gifts.

And from this exercise I have learned two things: 1/ It’s not always about how much you spend on a gift. And …2/ If you take a ball swamp and swing out of their boxes Argos won’t bloody take them back!


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