Extended Warranty? Yes Please!

April 1, 2010

Before my son came along I looked at extended warranties as a complete con. If my washing machine, dvd player, microwave, whatever did not last more than a year then I was not buying the right brand.

My tips for electronic peace of mind are two fold: 1/ Never buy a brand called Yakanoozuu. 2/ Never buy from some bloke off the telly who tries to convince you the flat screen tv he is selling is made in the same factory as Sony.

If ever some 12 year old shop assistant offered me an extended warranty I would laugh in his acne ridden face, tell him no way and if my product broke down on its 366th day after purchase I would be back to get him personally.

However, all this has changed now that we have a one year old mobile wrecking ball. Turn your back for a second and it looks like a rock band has partied hard in my living room – lamps lay crashed on their side, CDs are strewn across the wooden floor, four types of biscuit have been mashed into the rug and the dvd player  has  a toy fire engine rammed into where there was once a space for the disc to go.

So, when I recently bought my wii console, before the assistant had even started to put it in the bag I looked her straight in the eye and said, “and is there an extended warranty available with this?”

“Er, yes… yes there is,” she stammered, not sure if I was being sarcastic.

“Well I’d like to purchase it please. Does it come with a no quibble replacement guarantee should my wii be smashed to the ground by a small boy with jammy hands?”

“Er, um, er, I…. think so… its £17.99 extra. Are you sure you want it?” She asked.

“Oh, yes,” I replied. “Load me up,” I said confidently, feeling rather proud of myself and knowing full well that within six months I would be back in this very spot carrying a plastic back of shattered plastic shards that once resembled a Nintendo Wii.


One Response to “Extended Warranty? Yes Please!”

  1. Ben Wakeling said

    Haha! I can completely identify with this. Things don’t last two minutes in my house!

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