Stating the Wikipeeding Obvious….

December 22, 2009

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia where generally most facts are wrong, has recently announced that the vast majority of people who write entries are men. No shit! Women are far too intelligent and busy in their lives doing things that actually matter to waste hours typing away about varieties of kettles or who invented shoe laces. This kind of preoccupation with nonsense and the banal is very much the preserve of men.

It also turns out that 85% of entries are written by people who have no children, which when you think about it entirely makes sense. I spend almost every waking moment of my day dealing with the needs and wants of my child. When he finally goes to sleep and I drag my weary body back downstairs, I am looking forward to a glass of wine and  the intellectual highs of an episode of Law and Order, CSI or House.

It would be a very strange parent who wanted to spend what little free time they have chronicling the hits of Phil Collins from 1971 onwards…. but then, as my mother would say, ‘there’s nowt as queer as folk!’

It's a well known Wikipedia fact that Phil Collins started his career as the violinist in the band Crowded House.


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