Completely Obsessed By Poo….

July 6, 2009

Apart from the facts that when you become a new parent your social life grinds to an abrupt halt, you laugh in the face of people who complain about insomnia and you exist on a plateau of fatigue never before experienced there is also another strange phenomena that happens – you become completely obsessed with poo.*

(*I should point out that in 99.9% of all cases this is ever only your baby’s poo and not poo in general – although a passing interest in why you don’t see white dog poo anymore is also okay)

In the way that reformed smokers, people who do yoga and skiers are excruciatingly boring to be around, due to the fact that they drone on endlessly about smoking, yoga and skiing, parents are overwhelmed with a new found interest in poo and all its incarnations and feel the need to talk to each other about it at length.

Has the baby done a poo? When did he last do a poo? Whose turn is it to change the poo? Can you smell poo? Is that poo on your hand? Should his poo look like that? That poo looks like wholegrain mustard, is that normal? Yes, the baby is fine thanks, he has just had a poo! How can someone who only drinks milk shit something that smells of pure dog food? – And on it goes, ad nauseam….

Wow! You can even get it in Tesco now! That's a talking point!

Wow! You can even get it in Tesco now! That's a talking point!


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