Breastrants – The Fine Art of Breastfeeding in Public.

May 12, 2009

We all get hungry in the middle of the day, while we are at work, busy in a meeting or perhaps driving somewhere and when this happens we generally think, “Hmmm, bit hungry now… once this meeting, drive, chore, whatever is over I’ll stop and fix myself a sandwich.” That is the grown up, rational, reasonable thing to do and the complete opposite of how my six week old son reacts.

My son reacts along the lines of… sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, slightly awake, awake… I WANT FOOD NOW! NOW! NOW!

Basically, when a baby wakes up all rationality goes out the window. Their reaction is, “I don’t care! Feed me!”

“You are in the middle of a crucial phase of a Middle East peace proposal? I don’t care! Feed me!”

“You are on the verge of curing all known disease? I don’t care! Feed me!”

“Die Hard 2 is about to start and you’ve not seen it in weeks? Well, er.. I suppose I could wait… on second thoughts, no, I don’t care! Feed me!”

And this is when Breastfeeding in public can become even more difficult. When the baby is going crazy and you need to find somewhere to feed them as soon as possible, occassionally you can make the wrong decision.

Earlier in the week Noah went into  ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ mode demanding to be fed, so Becky and I hastily settled ourselves outside a cafe with tables on the pavement in front of a large tinted window and she began to feed. It was not until we had finished our coffees and I went inside to use the toilet that I realised behind the tinted window there were at least ten more tables inside, all facing out and all watching my son greedily munch on my partners breast.

“Everything okay?” Becky asked as I returned to the table and Noah flung himself off for the third time in ten minutes exposing Becky’s breast to the diners inside.

“Everything is fine,” I replied, not having the heart to tell her. “Everyhting is just fine.”

A typical example of a breastfeeding mother...

A typical example of a breastfeeding mother...


7 Responses to “Breastrants – The Fine Art of Breastfeeding in Public.”

  1. DCUrbanDad said

    Not sure us Dads could do what our wives do.

  2. Claire said

    Oh Becky – the indignity!

  3. Jenny said

    Really? So you just thought that it was ok to leave your wife exposed to a bunch of strangers? Come on dude, at least give her a cover-up at that point and say something like, “Just in case.” I am a mom of a 21-month-old and I breast-fed as long as she wanted it, but when in public, I always chose the route of putting a blanket over myself. There are such things as humility and dignity and while you may not be able to wait until you get somewhere private, you can at least show some decency. Hell, my husband and I pulled off of the highway in the pouring rain with cars zooming past and I still covered myself. Good thing too because a trooper stopped to see if we were ok, saw I was feeding my daughter, and said, “Have a nice day.” I really didn’t want him seeing my breasts either.

    • Annie said

      Funny, this thing about dignity and decency…
      I breastfed my four kids, who are now 21, 18, 15 and 12. But fortunately, I live in Quebec, and there is no such thing as INdignity in a breast not covered and feeding a baby. Sorry to say that, but you, Americans, are the kings and queens of hypocrisie. I found a woman breastfeeding in public infinitly decent by definition. If you want to cover yourself, you do it. If it’s too hot to do so, you just don’t. And if you don’t like the view, look elsewhere. Most of the time, I covered myself just because I was shy. But after the 3e child, I felt so PROUD and so DECENT to give my kids the best and to have the body able and willing to do so. And I felt beautiful and sensual and feminine.
      Americans, sorry, but you are a bunch of hypocrits…

  4. Sherwood said

    humility, dignity, decency?

    This image is beautiful.

  5. Wendy said

    This is obviously a staged pic. but even at that you really cant see much top half of her breast. Now personally as a breastfeeding mom would probably cover up but I have and do manage to feed my daughter with or without a blanket without showing all. Its just a matter of how you do it. I have seen women who don’t cover up and it doesn’t seem indecent to me.

    It just seems to me that the world is ok with seeing a woman in slinky clothes or swimsuits or tight little tanks or nothing but boy if she is b.f. her baby……ohhhhhh nooooooo we can’t have that. I mean that really is backwards.

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